Had in a garden of a nice house, a very industrious and active ant, who always spent the time there to here and from here to there; carrying, storing, helping others to bring their tremendous burdens to the anthill.  All her sisters were like her, and did exactly the same except one, who devoted to playing, eating, and inspecting places, objects and new animals; that was the reason she gone far away from home more than had never done. Saw herself suddenly lost, tired, hungry and thirsty, besides starting to rain very strong also, leading to Nida -that was her name- even further far. When she was being dragged by the current, felt sadness and began to mourn remembering her sisters that always they told her that her actions didn´t bring anything good, but she ignored them.

Meanwhile, Katia -the thrifty ant- in the anthill, and her family wondered by Nida, the little naughty, because they didn´t localice her for more they looked and asked for her to all neighborhood.

But she found so far from the site and unconscious on the shores of water flow, where she had been stranded by the stones of the road. Little by little was awaking until stand up and to go in search of shelter and sustenance to survive for now, and then find out where she was, she thought. To her mind came, at that time also, especially her older sister Katia, who had the habit of saving diligently the things that may need to either her or someone else, and so often to everybody took out of trouble on occasions; while Nida had been quite the opposite, because she took advantage of the work of others to meet her own needs, tastes and even their whims, doing for her part, the least possible effort .

As she going advancing forward with difficulty, owing to poor physical conditions in she had stayed, coupled with the muddy and slippery ground, meditated the little ant, if wouldn´t it be that she was paying the things that she hadn´t done earlier, with interests, when after walk a lot she found a cricket who was about to jump, but Nida quickly stepped to request him help, answered that didn’t annoy him because he was in an urgency also, due quantity of water had fallen, which let him far away from home and must return, giving then a sharp jump made him to move away immediately.

Thus she spent the rest of the day the naughty girl almost to darken, when she suddenly saw a ladybug that was in the trunk of the tree, begining to go up to spend the night holed at the top of the branches. The ladybug was admired to see the ant alone and not together as commonly see ants, then, Nida took the opportunity to tell her between sobs what happened her with the rain, so that, after scolding her, the ladybug allowed to stay with her during the dark, and in the morning, they´d see what to do. This way began a new oportunity in her life – she thought- to give the spin that could make change completly the direction she had led until that day.

It dissipated the darkness at night, and with it the sorrow in the heart of Nida because she had a friend, a fellow in the middle of her misfortune, as well as the whole day to resume the pursuit of her own family, which she thought, weren’t far away; thus they very early on got down to seek, but as the hours went by the mood of the ant was waning, until was late, when without finding signs of something familiar for her, she dropped once again, comforting her the ladybug, inviting her with pleasure to live in her beloved town, while at the same time excited and grateful Nida accepted the hospitality of her new little sister.

The friends arrived at the ladybug’s family home then, where all of them were waiting to Catarina very worried, giving a warm welcome to Nida too.

Gradually the ant was adapting to their new home, but her heart always remembered  fondly the homeland, this time implementing what ever watched her beloved sister, Katia; attitude which earned her the total acceptance of her benefactors: now she was the first to making any employment or commission,  distinguishing by giving her best effort in any activity and to care over the goods to everyone, but especially lifted the admiration when she made the supplies to yield such a way that seemed to be double or even triple the amounts entrusted to her administration. Had learned the hard lesson, Katia could be proud of her, without knowing it, she was the example of life to her sister -not much time ago- the dissipated Nida.

The fate corrected her hardly, snatched some loved ones, but had given others to learn to love them equally; she was so happy because in the pain of loss, could feel the appreciation of those who now were around her, expanding thereby also her own little world, it was curious, somewhat similar to the multiplication of the goods, the affection for her flourished everywhere, she felt thankful.

The hard times didn’t discourage to Nida, who hunted a way to get ahead, found it applying the same model to act of her older sister. Life sometimes put us proofs, and we must find the best way to solve them. Maybe one day unknowingly similarly, we can be a prototype -a valuable tool- with our way we are, to propose someone else a solution of life too.















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